Ephemera, Baubles and Items of Transitory Joy
  • Tyler Cowen had Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand on his podcast and they discuss a wide range of topics, from travel to the stars (neither think we will) to hippie culture.#
  • Here's Brand on end-of-the-world predictions:#
  • "I’ve seen a lot of the-world-is-doomed illusions come and go. Y2K — when we got all the computers are going to stop because they don’t know how to handle the year 2000. Stuff like that, on and on — the peak oil, and one thing after another. I’ve become a . . . trying to encourage a certain sense of perspective and realism when people say that the world is going to end because of this, that, or the other thing.#
  • "Humanity’s been around for a long time now. The world’s been around for a long time now. Biology is incredibly resilient and robust, and I think the world-ending trope is just a waste of mind." #

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