Ephemera, Baubles and Items of Transitory Joy
Beautiful and poignant portraits of primates in zoos as photographed by Anne Berry.#
"You know, we had arguments, but then I'm reminded that so do families, you know? But yeah, it's - he was a fantastic guy. And I do sometimes think, wow, you know, I sat down all those years and wrote songs with John Lennon..." - Paul McCartney.#
Paul McCartney on the life and death of John Lennon, 41 years after his death. #
The FAA is considering allowing the Dream Chaser space plane to land at Huntsville International Airport beginning in 2023 and are holding a virtual public meeting tonight to discuss it. Here is a copy of the FAA's Draft Environmental Assessment of the plan. I live about 3 miles from the airport and can't imagine any noticeable disruption from the landings. The most likely impact would be the swell of spectators trying to get a view of the space plane, but that's hardly more than a minor nuisance (and I will likely be among the crowd). Living in Huntsville means being involved with or directly adjacent to space work. In any gathering here there is almost certainly a rocket scientist in the room, so I expect the landings to be approved.#
This comic explains why thieves keep stealing catalytic converters.#

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